Music Theory. The mere mention of the term raises the hackles of panic and flight. Music Theory is a tool. It is a means to an end, the end being freedom, speed and fluidity in music and all of it's styles, in songwriting and composition, and improvisation.                                                       

Music Theory doesn't tell you what you should play, or how you should play, or what style you should play. You can play and say anything you want in any way you want on any instrument you want. Music Theory will never say "You can't do that!!!"    


Music Theory helps us understand and connect sounds and emotion and  see the relationship between chords and scales. It shows you all of the possibilities. And you won't lose your "feeling" either.When we apply Music Theory to the guitar you will experience and "feel" new sounds.

                 Music Theory has a few definitions. Try this      

Music Theory---a method of organizing sounds and emotions that uses numbers, letters, symbols and names. We will first learn the concepts of Music Theory and then apply them to the guitar. For the sake of simplicity we will not use standard music notation. I will include  smn  in the near future.


   major scales       chords         chords-pg2       chord-formulas
    minor-scales      major and relative minor scales
    Diatonic chordsheo numbering notes in a scale