05 rock funk jam in d with melody-weekend of 4-21-01.mp3

07 metal jam-weekend of 4-21-01.mp3

08 radar screen 8-31-02.mp3

09 radar screen2 8-31-02.mp3

10 radar screen3 8-31-02.mp3

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11 fsharp-g-weekend of 4-21-01.mp33

acoustic1 l-58.wav

acoustic1 l-59.wav

acoustic1 r-21.wav

acoustic1 r-22.wav

acoustic2 l-47.wav

acoustic2 l-48.wav

acoustic2 r-47.wav

acoustic2 r-48.wav

acoustic3 l-10.wav

acoustic3 l-15.wav

acoustic3 r-10.wav

acoustic3 r-15.wav

cl elec2-01.wav

cl elec2-02.wav

cl electric-56.wav

cl electric-66.wav

the way pop no outfx 12-20-09.wav

cinderella v'sup 12-21-09 no outfx.wav

cinderella v'sup2 12-21-09no outfx.wav