We number the strings.The 1st string is the thinnest,the 6th string is the thickest. The 6 strings are called open strings.An open string is a string that you play but don't press your finger on.Each string is a note and is given a letter name.Starting with the 6th string the names of the open strings are E A D G B E.We number the frets.The 1st fret is the fret closest to the tuning pegs.We number the fingers on our left hand. Our pinky is the 4th finger.We will start with open chords.A chord is 2 or more strings played at the same time.An open chord is a chord that is played with one or more open strings.Look at the pictures below.The pictures show you where to place your left hand fingers.Don't place your fingers on the frets,place them next to the fret.An O over a string means that string is open, an X over a string means don't play that string.Let's start with the 1st chord,C.The 1st string is open,place your 1st finger on the 2nd string 1st fret,3rd string is open,2nd finger 4th string 2nd fret,3rd finger 5th string 3rd fret,X over 6th string curl thumb around neck and touch the side of the 6th string.Keep your fingers straight (so they only touch the strings they are pressing on) by bending or curling the 1st joint of each finger.Press down.Always remember: fingers straight,fingers next to the frets (on the side of the fret opposite you),press down hard. 
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