Let's apply Music Theory to the guitar.

To play lead guitar over any chord progression Figure out the key and chords of the chord progression. Number the chords, using roman numerals, relative to the key chord. Find the scale the chords belong to (are diatonic to). Use that scale for your solo. If there are 2 or more scales the chords belong to, you may use any of those scales. If the chord progression does not belong to any scale, group the chords according to which scale they belong to, then play that scale when it's diatonic chords are played.





A Harmonic minor

altered scale_lydianb7 scale

aolean scale_mixolydian scale

arabian scale

Arpeggios 6th,7th,maj7,m6,m7,m9

arpeggios-major and minor

chromatic scale_wholetone scale

diminished4th scale

balinese_hawiian scales.htm

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